Basketball Tactics is a turn-based tactics basketball game created for Ludum Dare 41.  The theme of LD41 was "Combine two incompatible genres".

How to play:

  • Click  on a player to see their stats and position. 
  • Once a player is selected, you can click on an empty tile to move the player. The distance a player can move is based on their speed stat.
  • The player with the ball can pass or shoot (this player is denoted by a slightly darker color).
    • to pass, select the player with the ball, then click on the Pass button. Next, click on the player you would like to pass to.
    • to shoot, select the player with the ball, then click on the hoop.
  • After you shoot, the players will be reset to their original positions. If you scored, you will see your score increase by 2. If you miss, the Away team score is increased by 2.
  • Each player can only perform one action per turn.

Note: There really is no win condition to this game. It is really more of a prototype than a game. Play around with the mechanics and let me know what you think. Thank you.

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